We are now offering Media Mail and First Class Mail as alternate shipping options within the United States.

Media Mail can take anywhere from 2 to 8 days for your package to arrive. If you choose to have your items shipped by Media Mail, we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Items that can be shipped via Media Mail are cd’s, lps and 7″ records. Shirts cannot be shipped Media Mail.

If you plan on ordering a shirt, we recommend to place the order separately and not combine the shirt with lps or cds. Shirts can be shipped First Class Mail which can be a lower cost shipping option.

First Class Mail only available for orders up to 13 oz in weight.

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for your order to be processed AND shipped. We process orders daily and do our best to get orders out as soon as possible however sometimes an ordered item is out of stock and/or actual shipping times vary from country to country
  • If you order has not arrived after 6 weeks please contact the Mailorder Helpdesk. The Helpdesk is the only way that your message to us will be read and processed. There is no guarantee that any other emails will be received or answered.
  • Please do not contact us until 6 weeks have passed and your order has not shown, emails sent before this time and asking “where is my order” will be ignored.
  • Overseas customers: Please check in with your local post-office/customs agent first if your package hasn’t shown up after 6 weeks. Often time customs may hold your package for one reason or another.
  • Before contacting either our online credit card /order processing partner or your credit card company about a problem, please contact us. Contacting either of them first could result in a delay of getting you your order or processing your refund.
  • Regarding shipments that include vinyl records, Southern Lord is not responsible for minor cosmetic damage that may take place during shipping. In particular corner dings/bends are very difficult to prevent and we cannot issue refunds or replacements. We take extra care in providing extra protection when packing orders but sometimes unfortunately the USPS doesnt handle the packages with care! Warped, damaged and/or defective vinyl will of course be replaced or refunded.
  • Please keep in mind that we are not Amazon and we do not have the resources or manpower to process your orders within a couple days. We are a small, humble operation made up of human beings who do our best to get you what you ordered, packed carefully and the quickest we possibly can. Sometimes products are out of stock which can delay your order. Sometimes we make mistakes and you didnt receive what you ordered. Were not out to screw you over, just notify us of the problem (Mailorder Helpdesk) and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Without you we would not exist!

(Shipping for all orders will be determined by the current USPS calculator as you place order)
* Please note postage costs for all orders include shipping and handling charges.