Crypt Rot was born in early 2016 in Ashtabula, Ohio. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Sposito (former frontman of Homewrecker), drummer and vocalist Matt Izzi (Homewrecker, Scorched), guitarist Joe DeDedomenic, bassist Steve Cray (formerly Homewercker), and occasional vocals from Allie Dioneff. Influenced by old school swedish death metal, punk, and hardcore, summoning a pummeling force of drop tuned aggression with pent up agony that is displayed in a unique, yet brutal form. Specific influences range from acts like Carnage, Dismember, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Repugnant, Asphyx, and Dissection to name a few. Carrying an aggressive attack, full of tempo changes and relentless riffs, listeners are cast into the depths of morbidity, complete with scorching harmonies, female vocals, and an atmosphere of hell-like origin.
The lyrical content conveys a creative focus on life and death, politics, antireligion, suffering, and personal insanity, with each song displaying an archaic sense of destruction. Crypt Rot wrote and recorded 5 original songs within a months time. For Recording the band enlisted Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound in Shalersville, Ohio. The collaboration with Korecky lead to a well-polished high gain sound that graps elements of many genres and crushes its listeners with its ferocity. The album was passed along ultimately leading to the signing with
Southern Lord Records.
Crypt Rot will be performing in December at the Southern Lord showcase “The Power of the Riff”. More dates to be announced. The album “Embryonic Devils” will be released in the beginning of 2017. Let the Rot Begin. Welcome to the Crypt.